Fair Reasons Of Getting Attracted To Bad Guys

Fair Reasons Of Getting Attracted To Bad Guys

Relationships are beautiful and a very important part of everyone’s life. Relationships are beautiful and amazing, it is a phase where you feel on top of the world, everything seems to be amazing and perfect with the right person. You start falling for a person who is still a stranger but still, you feel special with him and decide to spend your life with him. It is not necessary that all the relationships are happy and both the partners are satisfied, many times it happens when a relationship is not in a good phase due to the wrong partners. People choose the wrong partner in a hurry or you can say by judging which is a bad decision because usually, girls end up getting disappointed. Whether it’s a good girl or a bad girl, many times girl’s fall for the bad guys and end up having a bad relationship experience. According to some sources, the reason for falling for bad guys is that they underestimate themselves or feel they are less attractive and they deserve this only, which is totally wrong. Well, this is not only the reason, there are many more and here are they.

1. Low self-esteem


Girls battling with low self-esteem end up with bad guy because they think they are not attractive and end up attracting men who don’t support them.

2. Loneliness


This is a major reason for falling for a wrong guy, many girls are afraid of loneliness and afraid of being by themselves. They prefer staying with a wrong man than being alone.

3. Commitment


Not only men but many women are also afraid of commitment due to which they go for a wrong guy with whom they don’t have any future.

4. Changes

Many girls think that being with that guy will change him or you can change him with time which is totally wrong.

5. Relationship pattern


Your relationship pattern is hard to shake, from starting you are falling for the wrong guy which becomes a kind of routine.

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